5 Egypt best sound and light show

Ever wondered why the ancient Egyptians believed in eternity and the afterlife?
The ancient Egyptians had the thought, that they would come back to life after a long time. That’s why they had a set of funerary practices to ensure their immortality after death.

The thing is, “Is the myth of Egyptian pharaohs come to live real?!”

Sound and light show is the passage to resurrect Egyptians gods and goddesses; to start telling us stories about their lives and how great their era was. With legendary sound and charming lights, you will have a night that you will never forget.

“ History comes to life!”

If you’re eager to learn about ancient history however, you don’t like reading about it, then sound and light show is your place to go. You would spread your knowledge about the ancient Egyptians history, and enjoy the Picturesque scene.

5 Egypt best sound and light show

Let’s go back in time and see what the ancient kings and queens are hiding!

The Great Pyramids show

Starting with the oldest monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, The Great Pyramid of Giza, in Cairo.
Pyramids still a great mystery to the archaeologists. Till this day, no one knows accurate information about how they were built, we don’t even know if we could reveal that secret one day. However, what was discovered could leave us bewildered for years.

sound and light show

Maybe you are wondering who was the magnificent architect, who had the idea of building such a spectacular construction.

In the pyramids show, king Khufu starts narrating the story of building The Great Pyramid and its legendary structure.
Then his son “Khafra”, reveals secrets of the mysterious structure of Khafra Pyramid and Sphinx.
Make sure to ask about, what time is the pyramid light show?


If you’re going on a tour to Luxor, you probably will stop by the Karnak temple of Luxor; where you can be amazed by the elaborated painting reliefs on temple colonnades.

sound and light show

At night, it gets even more magical when all temples are illuminated and Egyptian Pharaohs arouse to tell their tales. You’ll know more about the accomplishments of God Amun, and the ancestry of the Karnak temple in the ancient Thebes period.


Heading to upper Egypt, Aswan, where the striking historical sites. Starting with Edfu temple show, it unfolds the story of the god of Edfu, Horus with his mother Isis who fought against the darkness in their era.

sound and light show

This spectacle is a piece of true art, as technology takes place to make the show more fascinating.
Enjoy the amazing animated headers show in high quality.


Go deep in ancient history and attend the Philae show.
The harmony of the extraordinary lighting and sound effects, breathe new life into the love story of Isis and Osiris.

sound and light show

The goddess of death who brought Osiris back to life, after being killed by “Seth”, the God of Evil in ancient Egypt. Dramatic show well presented, as you sense their spirit through each inch of the temple.


Make your night memorable by attending the Abu simple show, It’s always worthwhile to watch this project as the poetic sound, beautiful lighting, and the amazing way of presenting the heroic story of Ramses achievements.

sound and light show

All shows are displayed in various languages, Arabic, English, French or as requested. Depending on a certain schedule, check dates and availability before you book your ticket; to watch the history of Egypt as you never saw before.
By holding the sound and light show, more visitors became aware of ancient Egyptian heritage and their great culture.

If you choose to fulfil your dream and go on the trip of your dreams, we recommend that you check these tours: Philae temple sound and light show, Sound & Light Show at Karnak Temples, and Sound and Light Show at Giza Pyramids

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