From Alexandria North to Aswan and Sharm El Sheikh south, Egypt is a country famous for its tourist areas and its place on top of the world tourism map.
Across the country, you will find many places to spend a one-of-a-kind vacation. However, many tourists are not familiar with Egypt’s best vacation spots. That could make them miss on some marvellous destinations, otherwise, they could have visited.
Because of its location in North Africa, Egypt’s weather is mostly warm, which makes it ideal to visit more than one spot during the same vacation.

It’s best to travel to Egypt from October to April, which is the perfect time to enjoy most of the attractions, summer months are hot in the Capital and Upper Egypt, making it harder to enjoy your holiday.
Egypt has many places that are great for a family vacation, whether you want to relax or spend your vacation sightseeing between ancient sites and exploring the Egyptian culture, you will find what suits you. It’s also an ideal place for travellers who want to explore the world on a budget.

If visiting Egypt is on your bucket list, and you want to know more about Egypt’s best vacation Spots, read the next tips to plan the perfect vacation.

Egypt best vacation spots

Cairo and Giza

Some tourists say that they couldn’t get enough from Cairo and that they could stay there for weeks and never get bored. For many, it’s the ultimate vacation spot for many reasons including the friendly locals and the great weather and for what the city offers.
Although Egypt is famous for the Pyramids and the Sphinx, that’s a small part of the truth. However, being a part of the seven wonders of ancient history puts this site on top of Egypt attractions.

Egypt best vacation spots
Cairo and Giza

By visiting the Giza plateau you will see the pyramids and the Sphinx up close, and you will have the opportunity to enter the Great Pyramid (Khufu pyramid) to explore it with a guide.
You will find many locals trying to force you to take a camel or a horse ride, try to stay away from them if you don’t know how to haggle.

Other tours in Cairo include the Egyptian Museum, which has thousands of ancient remnants and artefacts on display, beside the mummies room where royal mummies are kept in a majestic sight.

Besides those attractions, there are other places and activities around Cairo and Giza that are worth the visit Such as:

Islamic Cairo, where you can visit the Citadel of Cairo, Khan El Khalili,

Al Azhar Mosque

and more

Felucca ride after sunset

Nile Dinner Cruise

And more …

You will find many tour companies offering packages to visit most of the attractions in the city and to try many of the activities available out there.
Before you book any trip, check the prices online and compare the itinerary of the tours, to get the best deal possible.

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh

Let’s go for a different spot, where you enjoy the sun and relaxing the beach. A destination that will surely give you back your peace of mind.

Egypt best vacation spots
Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh

Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are two cities located on the Red Sea, except that the second one is located in the Sinai peninsula.
Both cities have many hotels and luxury resorts, you can choose your hotel according to your budget.
Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh are famous for Scuba diving spots. Many tourism companies offer daily trips to go snorkelling and diving in famous spots such as:

Sharks Bay (Sharm El Sheikh)

Ras Umm Sid


Ras Mohamed

Gubal Straits

Marsa Abu Galawa (Hurghada)

El Giftun

El Fanus (Dolphin Reef)

And more …

Yet, sometimes the weather can make the companies cancel their plans for a day or two.
Try to avoid the summer months, as the weather gets very hot through this time of the year, which could prevent you from enjoying some activities.
Also, there are Safari trips, which go daily before sunset and sunrise. A true experience, in the depth of the desert.
Besides, both cities have many things to do more than you would think. Nightlife in both cities is lively and bustling. With restaurants, cafes, markets and nightclubs scattered all over the place.

Some tourism companies offer excursion deals to Dahab from Sharm El Sheikh, to dive at the blue hole, and from Hurghada to Marsa Alam.

Luxor and Aswan

Let’s go back to the historic part of the country, with the oldest and biggest open-air museum out there.
Book either a hotel or a Nile cruise tour, in both cases it is the best of both worlds. You can go sightseeing in the historic sites, and at the same time enjoy the relaxing view of the Nile river.

If you are a fellow traveller, who spent most of his vacations wandering through historical sites to discover more about ancient history, then this may be your ultimate holiday for years to come.
Luxor and Aswan have a major part of ancient pharaonic history, which dates back to 3000 years B.C. With amazing monuments and temples on almost every inch of the land.

Egypt best vacation spots
Luxor and Aswan

Most tourism companies now provide professional guides, to give you a full idea for what is known about those monuments. Tours are mostly offered with reasonable prices, but take it with a grain of salt and always read reviews about each company, not to find yourself stuck with an unprofessional company.

Abu Simbel temple, Valley of the kings and more, are some of the amazing places in upper Egypt.
Don’t miss visiting Nubian Village “Gharb Sohail”, for an original cultural experience.

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