6 of the Best Diving Spots in Egypt

Craving that adrenaline rush? Want to break the monotony of everyday life? Then diving is definitely your solution!

Who said that Egypt’s only well endowed on shores? With its warm and sandy coast stretching for miles to end, it might seem that that’s the only thing Egypt’s got to offer. Don’t be fooled, however, because the Egyptian underwater offers you a thrill nothing onshore can afford!
Below are the top 6 Best Diving Spots in Egypt that are guaranteed to astonish you!

Best Diving Spots in Egypt

The Pharos Island, Alexandria, Mediterranean Sea

Although not as famous as other diving spots listed, Pharos Island is sure to bewilder you! For history geeks, get ready to dive head straight into life history. Built during the Ptolemaic reign, the island was wrecked by the Crete earthquake, and it’s remnants remains underwater.

Best Diving Spots in Egypt

Get ready to discover remnants of the old city, with wharves, houses and temples. You can also dive through the blocks of granite, obelisks and columns with Pharaonic carvings. Any diver can enjoy this historic site, whether an amateur or a pro! However, it’s advisable to go there during the summer, as the temperatures tend to drop steadily and the water visibility may not be the best.

The Blue Hole, Dahab, South Sinai Peninsula, Red Sea

Considered as one of the most famous diving spots globally, the Blue Hole is a site shrouded by beauty and tragedy. The diving site is divided into 3 areas, with the deepest area reaching up to 1000m!

Best Diving Spots in Egypt

Amateur divers are advised to stay onshore, while more skilled ones can take a deeper plunge, although you have to be a licensed diver (by the PADI or other such). Once clad in your diving suit, get ready to be bombarded with coral reefs and fish with every colour on the rainbow! In addition to the enticing marine life, you’ll be amazed by the pristine water.

Ras Muhammed, Sharm El Sheikh, Red Sea

Located 12 km from Sharm El Sheikh, the untethered beauty of this marine reserve is otherworldly. Whether you’re a marine lover or a history buff, this natural area of beauty will surely cater to every need. The destination embraces a number of coral reefs species, and above 1000 different species of fish. Prepare to be entranced with an underwater spectacle of beautiful species, entwining in harmony, and creating a marvellous underwater show.

Best Diving Spots in Egypt

Another diving site ranked among the top wreck sites in the world is the SS Thistlegorm. A merchant ship that sank before terminating her voyage, within the ship is boots, motorcycles, trunks, and exhaust rings. Divers can enjoy exploring this impressive wreck site regardless of their diving skills!

Elphinstone Reef, Marsa Alam, Red Sea

Dainty colourful fish aren’t up your alley? Worry no more!
If you’ve ever dreamed of swimming with sharks and other enthralling fish, then Elphinstone is the place for this dream to come true! Take a liveaboard from Marsa Alam to reach the area. There, you can witness spectacular creatures, including turtles and manta ray.

Best Diving Spots in Egypt

You’ll find a wide variety of sharks, including tiger sharks, the infamous hammerhead sharks, and the star of the show; the Oceanic White Tip Shark. Unfortunately, this destination is restricted to professional divers, as the water currents are rather strong.

Abu Nuhas, Hurghada

Since it’s not as popular as other diving sites, it can offer you a unique experience. Although the currents can sometimes be rough, the view is totally worth it. The site offers four wrecks! The oldest is the Carnatic— The wine wreck— a British Cargo ship. Brimmed with wine and gold, it sunk in the 18th century. Unfortunately, all of this was reclaimed back by the British!
Other wreck sites include the Chrisoula D, the Tiles Wreck. Since the ship was broken into 2 parts, it requires more skilled divers to go into there.

Best Diving Spots in Egypt

For the amateur divers, Giannis D (The Wood Wreck) is the one for you. A Japanese wood ship, it sunk and broke down into 3 parts. Thus it can be more easily assessed by amateur scuba divers.
Discover the fourth wreck, the Kimon M, another Japanese ship— The Lentils Wreck.
While wreck diving, you can spot various interesting sea life creatures including dolphins and lionfish!

Abu Dabbab, Marsa Alam

Although the visibility may not that good, the diving site is unmissable. With a sandy bay, no currents and shallow depth, it’s a great spot for beginners and professionals alike! Don’t fret about the conditions, since you can dive there all year around. However, what makes this site special is its inhabitants. There you can spot various rare and unique sea creatures. Probably the most exciting is seeing the rare dugong— the sea horse. You can also the harmless Guitar Shark, in addition to the Green Sea turtle.

Best Diving Spots in Egypt

You can visit all these diving places almost daily. Tourism companies offer various packages, packed with various activities, allowing you to explore all these locations easily and safely. Every package includes a guide who will help you along the way. Moreover, you can ask the reception in your resort, and they can surely guide you to a good company, or even book your trips directly through them. In addition, there are diving centres that offer diving courses.

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