Since it’s transformation from a quiet fishing village to a popular seashore resort on the Red Sea, Hurghada city has become a must-go destination for sea lovers and divers, who love to explore and enjoy Hurghada attractions.
Hurghada is located about 500 kilometres (310 miles) from Cairo, south-west Egypt, and it is considered the largest city of the Red Sea Governorate.
Hurghada is one of the most visited destinations for tourists, especially northern Europeans, who escape the freezing cold winter months to the warm welcoming coast.
Away from the warm weather and the amazing coast, you can find a lot of activities in Hurghada. From water activities, Hurghada excursions to safari and other various activities.
The first questions that may pop to your mind after last years incidents, is Hurghada Egypt safe to visit?
The answer to this question could take some time, as there is more than one angle to the subject. Long story short, Hurghada is a safe place, far from any events that happened in the capital and the main cities. It’s known for being a quiet city, with peaceful friendly residents.
You can get around Hurghada easily using local transportation, go wherever you want, you will find that you will be treated as a welcomed guest, not just a tourist.

Now let’s get to the weather. It’s best to plan your trip to Hurghada during winter months, that’s when the weather is warm and sunny, giving you the chance to experience all the things you can do there.

Best Hurghada attractions
The best time to travel to Hurghada is from April to June and from September to November, as you can discover different attractions and sites. You can find many companies when you arrive, offering various tours to top attractions in the city of Hurghada. Check several offers and read customer reviews before choosing a specific company.
Giftun Island
The island is the first natural reserve in the Red Sea, with about 50% of world seagulls living there.
The weather and the breathtaking beach view will make you feel like stepping into paradise, that’s why it’s on the top of the list of Tourist attractions in Hurghada. You can book a tour ahead to enjoy swimming with fish and dolphins. Snorkelling is a must to feast your eyes on the coral reefs surrounding Giftun Island.
Most tourism companies offer Giftun island tour with a buffet lunch, it’s simple but it will do the trick. Afterwards, you can relax on the beach or on the boat sundeck and just enjoy the view, or you can enjoy extra moments in the crystal water.

Magawish Island
One of the remarkable Hurghada attractions. Take a day tour and have a good time snorkelling and exploring the coral reefs.
Most tourism companies offer a one-day tour to Magawies Island and Giftun Island, which is a great chance to go sightseeing and take memorable photos.

Sharm El Naga
Located about 40 km south of Hurghada city, Sharm El Naga is the perfect destination for beginners, who would like to explore the marvellous corals of the red sea. It’s a protected area, with the charming wide sand beach; you can go snorkelling or just relax in the sun.

Dolphin House Hurghada
Considered one of the top tourist attractions, Dolphin House Hurghada is a must go. Book a day tour and go swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat. Although, in some rare cases dolphins don’t come close to the boat. But when they do, it will be an experience you will never forget.
Hurghada Marina

You may be asking yourself what is there to do in Hurghada at night. You can’t spend your holiday just going to beaches and famous attractions.
Hurghada is a rich city, with numerous places to go and activities to do day and night.
Hurghada Marina is considered the largest yachts marine in Hurghada, with a large complex of restaurants and nightclubs. You can shop, grab a bite or check out the live nights and dance in the cafes Scattered along the walkway. It’s opened daily until late in the morning.
You can book your accommodation in one of the hotels near the Marine, to be close to the never-ending fun.

Straits of Gubal
Located between Shadwan Island to the west and the Sinai Peninsula to the east, Straits of Gubal is divers’ heaven. The area is known for its richness with eye-catching hard and soft corals, yellow snappers, different species of reef sharks, dolphins and many other species.
Additionally, the diving site gives you the opportunity to examine world-famous shipwrecks such as Ulysses wreck, the British SS Thistlegorm, the wreck of Rosalie Moller and more.
If diving is your thing, make sure to check Mahmya Island, Abu Nuhas Shipwreck Sites, Gota Abu Ramada Dive Site.

Hurghada excursions to Luxor
Away from Hurghada attractions and the extraordinary beaches, you can get out and dive into history for a day.
If you are looking to do something different in your vacation, jump to Luxor in a one day tour to see the beauty of the Pharaohs temples.
Many tourism companies will provide you with information about how you can manage a day in Luxor, and they offer a guide to accompany you in your adventure.
You can also book a day tour to Cairo and Giza, to visit the Pyramids and sphinx.

Entertainment in Hurghada doesn’t stop here. You can find so many other attractions to visit and enjoy, you will find your self extending your visit just to explore more and to live it up to the max.