For budget travellers, day tours are a good option to visit more places when travelling abroad. And in Egypt, it’s a great way to explore the large country that is rich in history, culture and more.
If you are planning to visit Egypt on a budget, you may have already searched for Egypt best day tours. However, there is a lot more to that than the famous day tours. You don’t want to go someplace to get bored of it or feel like you could have gone somewhere else better. It’s a matter of prioritizing your interests.

Egypt best day tours

In a large country like Egypt, you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get the best of your journey on a budget trip. And as we know, time is money, you don’t want to lose it, especially for a not worthy tour.
As a fellow traveller, who knows the importance of time in such trips, I managed to gather a shortlist for some of the best tours you can invest your time in Egypt in.
Many companies offer day tour packages all over Egypt, you can book the package that goes with your budget from private or group tours. You can compare prices and the itinerary for every tour in advance, by checking popular online websites such as TripAdvisor. Or you can ask in your hotel about the best company that provides such services.
Whether you are into history, sightseeing, diving, relaxing or else; you will find what you want on these tours. Let’s explore Egypt.

Egypt best day tours

1. Cairo and Giza day tours

Cairo is the capital of Egypt, where you can find many things to do. Its location near Giza governorate makes it easier to go on day towers in both places, to save time and see more attractions.

Giza pyramids and Egyptian museum tour

Many tourism companies in Egypt offer a day tour that includes visiting both Giza pyramids and the Egyptian museum. As they are only 20 km (12.5 miles) away from each other.

Egypt best day tours
Egyptian museum

You will start by visiting one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the Giza pyramids and the Sphinx, know more about the ancient Egyptian history, and how they used to bury their kings. You can take a horse or a camel ride around the Giza plateau, yet be careful, the camel and horse owners tend to offer overpriced rides to the tourists, try to haggle for a cheap ride. Also, don’t accept any free gift offering, as it’s usually a trap to sell you the alleged gift.
After your tour at Giza plateau, you will head to the Egyptian museum, where thousands of ancient remnants and treasures lie between its walls.
You can check the treasure of the famous Tutankhamun, also many other treasures and mummies that have been well kept.

Giza pyramids and Saqqara Pyramid tour

If you don’t want to go to the Egyptian museum on the same day as the pyramids, there is another choice that allows you to explore another great pyramid in Egypt, Saqqara Pyramid.

Egypt best day tours
Saqqara Pyramid

Many tourism companies offer a day tour between most famous pyramids sites, which includes the Sakkara Pyramid.
In fact, the Saqqara Pyramid, or the step pyramid, is more significant to egyptologist than the Giza pyramids. As it was the burial site before the beginning of the Old Kingdom until the Greek Period of Egyptian history.

2. Alexandria excursions

There are almost daily trips to the city of Alexandria, where you can now visit Bibliotheca Alexandrina, go diving to discover more and more ancient ruins or spend the day exploring the city.

Egypt best day tours
Bibliotheca Alexandrina

First, you have to know that Bibliotheca Alexandrina is not just a library, the attraction which was built to rekindle the ancient library that was lost during the Roman Period. It’s built with a modern vibe, and have 6 specialized libraries besides the main one, 4 museums, Permanent exhibitions and more.
As for diving in Alexandria, it’s not that famous as the diving sites are fairly new. But diving at Cleopatra’s Underwater City is a fascinating unforgettable experience. There are other diving sites from the modern era that may interest you.

3. Luxor and Aswan day tours

It would be unfair to say that you can spend 1 or 2 days only in Upper Egypt. Luxor and Aswan can be considered the best place to know more about pharaonic history and enjoy a great adventure through time.

Egypt best day tours
Luxor and Aswan

Internal flights are available almost every day, but you can book a ticket on the sleeping train at a cheaper price.
If you choose to go on a Nile cruise, you may already have a program to top attractions and monuments there. But sometimes the trips offered doesn’t include internal tours to famous temples and ancient sites. However, there are many companies that offer day tours in Luxor and Aswan, that comes in handy if you don’t have a plan before you travel there.

4. Day Tour to Abydos & Dendera temple

Visit the temple of the Goddess of love, joy, and beauty; Hat’hor. Then head to Dendera temple which was built with king Ramses 2.

5. Day tour to Abu Simbel temple (Aswan)

Marvel the beauty of the 2 temples of Abu Simbel, which were built for Pharaoh Ramesses II and his queen Nefertari.

6. Day tour to Karnak and Luxor temples (Luxor)

Located at the east bank of the Nile river, those two temples are a must-visit. The temples are connected by the Avenue of the Sphinxes, that witnessed the Opet festival rituals where statues of Amun and Mut were carried in a huge parade to symbolize the re-enactment of their marriage.

7. Day tour to the valley of the kings and Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut (Luxor)

These two sites are on the west bank of Luxor and considered the most famous attractions in Luxor. You will visit more than 60 tombs, including the tomb of the famous Tutankhamun.

There are so many other day tours you could do in Egypt, but that’s a whole other story.

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