Best things to do in Luxor in 2 days

Ever wondered what the ancient Pharaonic History looks like? How they managed to build such great monuments with no heavy modern tools?

If the answer to those questions is yes, however you are still thinking of the cost, there is no need to worry and overthink the matter. Booking a trip to Egypt can be a low cost if you plan your trip ahead; there is always something for everyone. Even tourists on a budget can enjoy the beauty of the Nile, and the marvelous ancient city of Luxor.

Most of the tourists start their trip from Cairo heading to Aswan or/ and Luxor; however, if you want to experience the true beauty of ancient history, Luxor is your way to go.

Whether your choice is to book a long trip or a short one, you will always find a lot of things to do in Luxor: The City of a Hundred Gates.

If you are planning to visit Luxor for a short period as a part of an inclusive tour, then you may want to check the main attractions in the city, which will be a memory that you would never forget.

However, if you are planning to take your time exploring, then be ready to go deep down the Egyptian history into the valley of the kings, Luxor temple, El Karnak temple and much more.

With a Vegas-like nightlife, heavenly warm weather and a city coming out of the ashes of ancient history; you will have a marvelous experience.

Luxor is a city rich in activities that is sure to amaze you, and one of the most important tours you can do is the sightseeing tours through many temples and tombs that are considered an open-air museum for ancient Pharaonic History.

Fun fact: Luxor, previously known as Thebes, was the marvelous abode of the pharaoh and the capital of ancient Egypt.

Best things to do in Luxor

You will need more than a couple of days to be able to see all the temples out there, but there are some sights that you cannot miss when you travel to Luxor, thus you must plan your trip wisely.

To begin with, Luxor city is divided into an East bank and a West bank by the stretching Nile River in between, each has its historical sites, magic and more.

Luxor East bank

Karnak temple

Karnak temple -previously Temple of Amun- is one of the most famous temples in Luxor; it consists of a number of amazing Pylons and colonnades. Its spectacular architecture is sure to impress the pharaoh in you.

things to do in Luxor
Karnak temple

Luxor temple

things to do in Luxor
Luxor temple

With its location in the middle of the city on the

banks of the Nile, Luxor temple will surely get your attention.

Luxor Temple was previously called the Harem of Amun, and it’s connected to Karnak temple through the impressive Avenue of the Sphinxes.

Luxor west bank

Valley of the Kings

You can’t visit Luxor without going to the valley of the kings, it’s considered one of the top historical sites; With more than 60 royal kings’ tombs.

Here you will witness the glory of the ancient pharaohs back in the days, and discover how they immortalized their life through the drawings on the tomb walls.

things to do in Luxor
Valley of the Kings

One of the most marvelous tombs you will find is the tomb of Tutankhamun -King Tut- Egypt’s most famous king, the tomb is almost intact; as it’s entrance was buried under stone and debris during other tombs construction. Making it worth the hype.

Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple – Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

things to do in Luxor
Hatshepsut’s Temple

In Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, you will see a different side of history; as she made sure that her temple stands out. The temple is famous for its architecture design, different from what you can find at east bank temples.

You will discover how trade flourished during her lifetime, through the magnificent drawings on the walls, and the statues that show the glory of her age.

Useful tips to fully enjoy your trip to Luxor:

Make sure to always have a hat and sunblock; to avoid getting sunburns or catch a fever.

When you arrive Luxor ask about temple tours, and whether they offer a tour guide.

There is so much more things to do in Luxor, we just mentioned some of the most famous tourist attractions out there. Make sure to enjoy every single step, and don’t hesitate to extend your visit to enjoy a full journey in ancient history.

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