Egypt best things to buy

Egypt’s a melting cultural pot. Different religions, ethnicities and civilisations all came together, giving us this uniquely enticing country.
Buying souvenirs in such a diverse country might be confusing, however, this ultimate guide will simplify how to purchase Egypt best things to buy. Put the following tips in the back of your mind throughout your trip, and you’ll be set to go!

Egypt best things to buy

Cairo, Khan El Khalili

Built during the 14th century, Khan El Khalili remains a bustling and lively marketplace. There you can find a wide variety of products packed together in one place, from Egyptian-styled jewellery to carpets known as ‘Kleem’. Be sure to check out spice merchants, you’ll be amazed by all the different smells and colours. You can also pick small souvenirs for family and friends, including miniatures pyramids and sphinxes, beautiful hand-made Abayaas, Pharaonic papyrus and other nic nacs to commemorate your time in Egypt!

Egypt best things to buy

Khan in Khalili is not just a souk where local Cairo folks do their shopping; it’s a tourist attraction of its own! Enjoy wandering around through the narrow alleyways, where you can discover the artistic beauty of Islamic architecture. Tour around and marvel over the ancient buildings!
Exhausted from all the bargaining? relax at one of the traditional coffee shops, where you can enjoy a sip of a good Turkish coffee or even smoke shisha.

Shopping Malls in Cairo

The bustling capital isn’t a stranger to luxurious shopping malls. Many are scattered throughout Cairo, various malls cater to every taste.
The recently opened Mall of Egypt contains a dazzling number of stores, offering a wide range of items… You can find various brands catering to every budget. From fast-fashion clothing to jewellers and footwear. In addition to shops, you can enjoy their indoors ski rank, where you can see penguins playing with their trainers.

Egypt best things to buy

You can also relax and eat at some of the best restaurants in the mall.
Various other malls offer the same comprehensive store directories, including Cairo Festival City Mall, City Stars and Dandy Mall.
If malls aren’t your vibe, you can shop in the Mohandeseen and the Zamalek boulevards. You can find a thing or two that may like.
If you’re staying in Cairo for a couple of days. check out the malls near your hotel, guaranteed that you’ll find something to catch your eye.

El Mansheya, Alexandria

From Cairo, travel to Alexandria by jumping on the train for a 3-hours ride. Or maybe you are starting your journey in Egypt through a Mediterranean cruise, arriving first to Alexandria maritime port.

Much like Khan El Khalili, El-Mansheya is an ancient yet buzzing shopping place. The area is divided into different markets, each specified for a purpose.

Egypt best things to buy

El Zanqaa, an Arabic word for a narrow alleyway, is guaranteed to astonish you the moment you enter. There you can find all things beauty related. Wander through the alleyways, where you’ll be dazzled with all the sparkly and beautiful jewellery. Keep an eye out for small jewellery shops, where jewellers there— with astonishing craftsmanship— produce one-of-a-kind jewellery catering every taste!

Visit France Street for textiles and other sewing tools. There you can also find great silver and gold shops, where you can buy jewellery at even reduced prices.

El Nabi Daniel, Alexandria

For bookworms out there, El Nabi Daniel Street is just the place to be! Jump on a microbus for a 10-mins ride from El Mansheya.

Egypt best things to buy

It’s definitely worth the commute! The moment you enter, you’ll be welcomed by the warm smell of old books. Explore the alleyways, where you’ll find unique and original books in every different language possible! The diversity of this place will astonish you! Whether you’re a culinary lover or an astronomy geek, there’s a book to your every need.

Port Said City

Port Said is one of the main ports in Egypt. This probably explains why you’ll find everything, both imported and Egyptian at a reduced price. Chocolates there are dozen a dime, with a wide variety of brands. Indulge and satisfy your sweet tooth with expensive chocolates and sweets at a bargain price.

Egypt best things to buy

Satisfy the shopping addict in you by visiting the marketplaces, where high-quality clothes are sold at a fraction of the price. Enjoy revamping your entire wardrobe without denting your bank account!

Definitely bring out your haggling soul. Although the prices there are known to be generally cheap, you can practice your haggling skills with the sellers for a value bargains!
As good as it appears, Port Said city is a must-visit.

The Nubian Village, Nubia

Famous for its blue-coloured houses, which contrasts with the glimmering green water of the Nile, it creates a breath-taking masterpiece. It can be safely called the spices heaven; you’ll find spices for every taste and purpose. Whether you’re looking to kick up your cooking game a notch, or you’re into traditional medicine, or just wanting to try a clay mask, this place definitely got you covered. Most importantly, you have to stock up their unique hibiscus. Served hot or cold, this drink is a favourite stable amongst the Nubians.
In addition to spices, you can find another Egyptian nitpicks to take as a souvenir home. Different Ancient Egyptian artefacts, Aswan inspired clothing and jewellery can all be found there.

The Luxor Souk, Luxor

Much like Nubia, spices are predominant there, Since Luxor is a city, you can find a wider variety of spices and plants there. Enjoy strolling through the souk, where you’ll find everything possible, from clothing, jewellery to pretty handmade crafts.
The Luxor souk isn’t just an average place to shop. It’s an aesthetically pleasing place, where you can take a myriad of photos to remember such a beautiful place.

Egypt best things to buy

Most tours to upper Egypt include both Luxor and Aswan together. These places are guaranteed to astonish you with their history. However, their souks can’t be missed as well!

The Old Market, Sharm El Sheikh

For the locals, this old souk is where they get all their essentials. However, the souk provides much more than that! First, you can find all your diving and snorkelling essentials there, from goggles to swimsuits to even sunscreens.

Egypt best things to buy

The wonderful market also includes shops for your everyday need, including food, medicine and clothing.

Egyptians love helping and are top guides! If you ever feel lost or need more useful information to get around, you’ll surely find an Egyptian to help.

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