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Luxor, the City with Hundred Gates, known as “Thebes”, where ancient Egyptian Pharaohs history come to life. Travel to Egypt and discover the marvels of Luxor and Aswan, go back in time to the Pharaohs days and know-how they managed their daily life and what they believed in. .

We at Egypt Best Holidays offer various Luxor tours to go around the city and see the famous Karnak temple, Valley of the Kings, Luxor temple, Queen Hatshepsut’s temple and more..

You can visit Luxor with your family or friends, either way, you will enjoy your time. Book a day tour from Cairo or Hurghada, or spend a couple of nights on board of a luxury Nile cruise..

Don’t waste your time online to get a good deal, to be shocked later that things are not what they seem, even with good reviews..

We offer Luxor trips and excursions that vary according to your budget and vacation time frame. Now you can explore attractions on the west and east banks of the Nile on a guided trip. In addition to sightseeing marvelous monuments, there are plenty of activities that are sure to grab your attention. For a thrilling experience, you can try the Hot air balloon ride, find out how the city looks like from the sky..

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