Riding a hot air balloon over Luxor

Have you ever wanted to go on a trip like Carl Fredricksen from the “UP” movie did? Ever imagined watching the sunrise from above?

Going on a trip like so, you must have some nerve. However, I assure you the experience is worth the hype.

Although Carl Fredricksen started off his journey to follow his wife’s dream, he ended up enjoying every moment of the trip. He felt relaxed up in the air as if there is nothing in the world but him and his floating house.

The trip “Carl” took was a relaxing yet thrilling experience, which you can enjoy now in various parts of the world. Nevertheless, for extra excitement, make sure to choose a place to remember. If you ask me, I would suggest to pay a visit to Egypt and make your way to Luxor, where you can enjoy a one of a kind adventure.

hot air balloon
hot air balloon

You may have heard rumors that the balloon rides can cost you a small fortune, that’s not the case in Egypt. Luxor balloon tours are considered one of the cheapest out there; it won’t break the bank if you are worried.

You can find various balloon flight offers, with prices ranging from 50$ to 200$ depending on the company you have chosen. You can pay an extra 30$ -ish to get video footage of the trip, but that is optional.

If you are planning to visit Cairo first, you can easily arrange a trip to Luxor for a day or two. Start by choosing your favorite way of transportation, depending on your budget and time frame. A short internal flight can cost you a little bit more, but on the other hand, it can save you up to 8 hours on a long overnight bus or train ride.

If you are not planning to stay in Luxor, and just going for the balloon ride, book your tour ahead with one of the various companies available. You can book your tour online, or through your hotel reception if you are intending to stay. Check the reviews on the company you have chosen, not to end up in a crowded balloon and not enjoying the trip as much.

Whether you are going on a one-day trip or staying in a hotel, the company you pick will escort you by minibus or car to begin your tour.

Starting early in the morning you will join other tourists on a quick ferry ride, that will transfer you to the west bank of the Nile. Where a ten minutes car ride is ahead of you, to start an unforgettable experience.

hot air balloon
hot air balloon

Arriving early to the take-off area, you can watch the balloons while filling them up, you will be fascinated by their enormous size and the way they rise from the ground up high in the air.

Now it’s time to go up.

Starting the ride is the most nerve-wracking part, but as you go up you will forget all about it when you see the mesmerizing panorama of Luxor city as the sun rises.

Ballooning gives you the opportunity to see a view like never before; it’s almost an air museum for ancient and modern Luxor. You will see the famous Valley of the Kings hidden in the mountains to protect it from thieves, a breathtaking landscape showing the huge size of the place. Ancient temples and monuments will appear as your trip continues, with the River Nile crossing the Land in the majestic scenery.

Meanwhile, you can watch the farmers starting early, and life coming back to the city.

After an incredible hour-long flight, your captain will choose the best place to land. The journey may have ended here, yet the amazing view and the heart-stopping excitement you experienced will stay in your memory forever.

Enjoy a safe Trip.

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