Egypt is famous for its rich history and warm culture. However, you may ask yourself, what is Egypt best known for? For some of us, Egypt is associated with Pharaohs and ancient Egyptians. On the other hand, Egypt is famous for many things other than that. Also, it’s home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx.
We will take a tour around the most famous attractions in Egypt, and when is the best time to go.

What is Egypt best known for?


The best time to visit the Capital is from October to November and from late February to April. The months in between are good too, but considering its peak season, the prices will be higher and most of the sites will be crowded with tourists and Egyptians.

Giza pyramids and the Sphinx

Who hasn’t heard of the Great Pyramids? It’s a huge monument from one of the most famous ancient civilizations, the ancient Egyptian civilization.
Giza is located southwest central Cairo, you can reach the location easily with bus or taxi (Uber and similar services are available).

What is Egypt best known for
Giza pyramids and the Sphinx

Getting into the site, you will be amazed by the colossal monuments, the three pyramids standing still facing time.
Wander around and take lots of photos with the Pyramids and the Sphinx. See how the ancient Egyptians used to bury their kings, and the effort to move those 2.5 tons blocks each to create them.
You can take a tour with a guide inside Khufu pyramid, however, it’s not recommended if you are Claustrophobic.

The Egyptian Museum

To explore more of the former age, visit the Egyptian Museum, where you can find more than 120000 pieces of antiquities, including mummies, papyrus, ancient coins, artefacts, statues and more.
recently, the Egyptian government started building a new museum “Grand Egyptian Museum”, to transfer the most valuable pieces, such as the full Tutankhamun collection. It is scheduled to open in 2020 and said to be the largest archaeological museum in Africa and the whole world.

The Citadel

The Citadel was built during Saladin’s Ayyubid dynasty in 1176, to be used as a fortification against the Crusaders. You can take a glimpse of the Mamluk era and its architecture, through one of the finest Islamic monuments.

What is Egypt best known for
The Citadel

Khan el-Khalili (Souq Quarter)

Your trip to Egypt won’t be complete without going to Khan el-Khalili, the historic shopping area in the middle of Islamic Cairo, near Al-Hussein Mosque.
You can enjoy a cup of tea at al Fishawi coffee shop, or wander around the alleys to buy souvenirs.


You can visit Alexandria mostly in time of the year, the weather is hot in the summer with high humidity and cold in winter; because of its location on the Mediterranian Sea, there will be occasional rain also hail.

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

In the country attempt to rekindle the lost Library of Alexandria, they began in 1995 to rebuild it with the help of UNESCO.
The fascinating space contains the main library plus Six specialized libraries. In addition, you will find Four museums, Permanent exhibitions, CULTURAMA, VISTA and a Digital Assets Repository.

Qaitbey Fort

This fort was built by Sultan Qaitbey, in the location of the toppled Pharos Lighthouse.

What is Egypt best known for
Qaitbey Fort

Walk inside the stone rooms and corridors of the fort, go to the rooftop and catch a glimpse of the city and Mediterranian panorama.

Other places worth adding to your list:

  • Kom el-Dikka (Mound of Rubble), which includes a small Roman theatre, remnants of a Ptolemaic temple and the mosaic flooring of “Villa of the Birds”
  • Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa, which offers a peek on the Alexandrian fusion of Egyptian and Greco-Roman styles.
  • Pompey’s Pillar
  • Cavafy Museum, who was an Alexandrian poet
  • Cleopatra’s sunken Palace, which was considered a wonder of the ancient world

Upper Egypt

Let’s move south to Upper Egypt, where a great part of the pharaonic history lays. You can visit this Area from September to May, try to avoid summer months as the heat is unbearable.


Karnak Temple

Perhaps one of the most famous temples in Luxor is Karnak Temple, which is located on the east bank of the Nile.
The temple is connected to Luxor temple through the Avenue of Sphinxes. Book a day tour with a guide to know more about when and why those mammoth temples were used.

Valley of the Kings

This area is considered one of the main attractions in the area.

What is Egypt best known for
Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is the burial home for kings from the 18th till 20th dynasty, where you can find more than 60 tombs including the tomb of the famous King Tutankhamun, which was found almost intact.
Other tombs in the area are Tomb of Ramses VII, Tomb of Ramses IV, Tomb of Ramses III and more.
You can book a private tour or a group tour, either way, starting early is the key to making good use of the time to be able to explore the area thoroughly.

Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple

One of the most famous queens of ancient history, Queen Hatshepsut. The temple is an architectural work of art, where statues and inscriptions adorn the temple.
You will find the drawings for Queen Hatshepsut with a beard and a short apron, as she represented herself to her people as a male pharaoh.

You can also visit:

  • Medinet Habu
  • Valley of the Queens
  • Tombs of the Nobles
  • Luxor Museum
  • Colossi of Memnon
  • Mortuary Temple of Seti I
  • Ramesseum

Abu Simbel Temples

The temples were built by Ramses II and were relocated in 1968, not to drown after the building of the Aswan high dam.

What is Egypt best known for
Abu Simbel Temples

The temples are famous for the Solar alignment miracle, where the sun illuminates the sculptures on the back wall 2 days every year.

Philae temple complex

The dazzling temple is a tourist’s target destination from all over the world, as it is one of the most picturesque temples in Egypt.

When it comes to what is Egypt best known for, we can’t stop here. However, we can go on and on for pages, and we won’t even mention half of the country’s beauty.
Besides the above-mentioned sites, Egypt is also famous for a bunch of coastal cities that offer every sea lovers and adventure seekers the opportunity to witness the exquisite marine life, and to dive into some of the most famous diving sites worldwide, but that’s a whole other story.

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