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Adventure in Egypt

Adventure deep into the desert; safaris to Western Desert Oases, the stunning Great Sand Sea desert, and the Sinai desert are engrossing adventures. Rev your engine, quad biking in the Eastern Desert is a rush. Hiking the mountains of the Sinai is a gripping experience. Camping in the White Desert is surreal.

Discover the unexpected; diving from the coasts of Egypt constantly unravels underwater treasures and an abundance of undersea life. You can choose to go for German submarine and Napoleonic-era warship wreck dives, coral reef diving in the Red Sea, or explore underwater ruins in the Mediterranean that date back from the golden age of the pharaohs up to the reign of Cleopatra. If you don’t care to dive but would still love to get wet, harness the wind! Kite surfing in Safaga is adrenaline-packed fun.

See our collection of adventure itineraries and attractions to start planning your very own adventure in Egypt. Get an overview of the attractions that will get your thirst for discovery quenched or your adrenaline pumping. Whether you choose to sail the Nile, backpack the length of Egypt or go horseback riding across the mountains of the Sinai, adventures in Egypt are spellbinding.

Egypt Cultural

Egypt Best Holidays offers you a rich cultural experience that spans thousands of years of history and the continuous practice of age-old traditions.

Walk into the vestibules of the ancients; explore Ancient Egyptian temples, tombs, and other monuments.

Get lost in time, and visit museums that display thousands of ancient artifacts such as coins, ceramic art, busts of ancient emperors, mosaics, sarcophagi, and mummies. Get enchanted by Ancient Egyptian myths during a sound and light show at the Temple of Philae or Abu-Simbel.

Walk along ancient bazaars to shop in a traditional atmosphere and haggle for deals.

Smoke hookahs and drink tea in old cafes as you watch living history pass by as it has for centuries in Egypt. Immerse yourself in the spectacle that is Egypt.

Family trip to Egypt

There is plenty of family fun to be had in Egypt. Explore the desert; a short one-day safari will bring the family together to marvel at stunning dunes, magnificent canyons, and miraculous oases. Share the sights of breathtaking national parks. Play with your children in theme parks. 

Take in the sights of the Nile while felucca sailing and watch your kids play pirates! A holiday with your children in Egypt is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the most of their sense of wonder. 

Picture the family snorkeling; everyone will have fun pointing out gorgeous corals and colorful fish. Imagine your children smiling and screaming at a chance encounter with dolphins in the warm waters of the Red Sea. 

Ancient Egyptian-themed villages are a wonderful opportunity for children to show how much they’ve learned at school. Can you imagine their wide-eyed faces when they stand in front of the Pyramids and Sphinx of Giza? A family vacation in Egypt will become a cherished memory with Ancient Egypt’s iconic landmarks standing as wonderful photo backdrops.

Relaxation in Egypt

Sunbathe in exclusive Red Sea Riviera resorts or on the deck by a cool pool on a luxury Nile River cruise. 

Surrender to the comforts of world-renowned spas. Walk along pristine beaches and enjoy the sight of stunning coastal cliffs in the White Med. 

Smoke a hookah and drink tea in old urban cafes or riverside restaurants. Try a Bedouin seaside dining experience. Enjoy a leisurely game of golf with a view of the Great Pyramids of Giza. 

Escape to the open spaces of Egyptian deserts. Go for a day trip to a nearby national park to unwind in rich natural environments unique to Egypt. 

Don’t miss out on snorkeling in the warm waters of the Red Sea to see spectacular coral reefs. Relaxation in Egypt is effortless. 

Romance and honeymoon vacation

Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony were charmed by Cleopatra and the romance of Egypt. Today, you too can share the charm of Egypt and enjoy an unforgettable romantic vacation. 

Imagine walking the powder-white sands of pristine Red Sea beaches. Feel the sun on your back and the sand covering your feet. Hear the waves. See the wide expanse of the sea. 

Now picture the two of you discovering hand-in-hand breathtaking scenery on a sensational desert tour. Take in the heat of the day and see different desert hues as far as the eye can see until the day gives way to a moonlit night. The sound of oriental music is in the air, the stars are shining and you’re dancing by the campfire. 

Lose and find yourself with your partner. Experience a river cruise to share a seductive blend of luxury, sightseeing, and intimate moments overlooking Ancient Egyptian monuments while gliding gently along the dreamlike Nile River. Take pleasure in candlelit dinners with spectacular backdrops. 

Whether it’s a well-planned honeymoon or a spontaneous winter getaway, Egypt is perfect for a romantic getaway under the brilliant sun and starry night skies of Egypt. Enjoy a captivating blend of European refinement and exotic Middle Eastern culture, Egypt is made for two.