Egypt is a country full of Magic. Whether you are into history and historical sites, or you would like to relax and enjoy the sunny bright weather or you just like to explore new cultures. Egypt is the place for all of that and more.
However, most of these activities are done during the day, and some may find it difficult to come up with a plan to enjoy the evening, as most of the new visitors don’t know how to search about Egypt best nightlife spots.

Egypt best nightlife activities
Egypt’s best nightlife

If you like to party at night, you will find plenty of clubs, bars and pubs all over Egypt, you just have to ask in your hotel lobby. However, if you would like to spend the night in a different yet enjoyable way, you have to search for the hidden treasures.
Every city in Egypt is famous for a couple of places where you and your family or friends can enjoy a lovely evening, instead of wasting it partying in nightclubs and missing out on the city’s beauty and enjoying the Egyptian hospitality.
Here I will mention some of those underestimated places, which most tourists will definitely enjoy. It’s Egypt as you’ve never known with the eyes of a so-called expert.
So, here is your guide to Egypt from a different perspective.

Egypt best nightlife activities

Cairo and Giza

Cairo is Egypt’s’ capital, located near Giza where the Pyramids and Sphinx stand. Besides the famous monument, there are some other attractions you can visit throughout the day; the Egyptian Museum, Cairo tower, The Citadel and more.
On the other hand, to fill your evening schedule you will enjoy the following activities.

1. Sound & Light Shows at the Giza Pyramids

You may be asking yourself, where can I go to Cairo at night? That’s an easy one.
On top of the list of Egypt best nightlife activities, you will find the Sound & Light show at the Giza Pyramids. If you visited the Pyramids through daytime, and think that’s enough; think again.

Egypt best nightlife activities
Sound & Light Shows at the Giza Pyramids

This Sound & Light show offers a truly enlightening experience. You can watch the Sphinx telling you about the ancient history secrets, add to those visuals such as lights and laser projection, and you will have a truly historical experience.
The story of the ancient Egyptians is told in English, however, you will be offered a free translation headset if you speak a different language.
You can book a private tour to be escorted to the show and back, or you can use public transportation, that is totally safe in Egypt.

2. Khan el-Khalili

You must have heard of Khan el Khalili, the historical market located in old Cairo.

Egypt best nightlife activities
Khan el-Khalili

The Middle Eastern market is a tourist centre, with its antique shops, bazaars and a variety of coffee shops to experience the true Egyptian culture through. One of the most famous coffee shops there is El Fishawy, where you can enjoy a cup of Arabic tea and Shisha (hookah).
Finish your tea and wander around the market, you can buy souvenirs, antiques or jewellery to remind you of your trip.

3. Nile Cruise Dinner

One of the most memorable activities to enjoy in Cairo at night is to have dinner on board a Nile cruise. You can enjoy a couple of hours trip while having dinner and enjoying the Egyptian folklore. Dinner cruise offers an opportunity to enjoy the Egyptian Tanoura, where the dancer starts whirling while wearing a huge colourful skirt moving it in rhythm with the music. Also, you will enjoy belly dance and other traditional shows.

Egypt best nightlife activities
Nile Cruise Dinner

However, the highlight of this trip is the sight of Cairo lights along the Nile, which is a great opportunity to take some photos.


If you are visiting Egypt to enjoy the sea and the sunny beaches, then you may head to Hurghada, located in the Sinai Peninsula 290 miles away from Cairo.
You can spend all day long on the beach enjoying the sun, go snorkelling and diving or enjoy any other activities from a wide range of day time ones.
But when it comes to the evening, it’s a whole nother story.

4. Hurghada Marina

To spend a relaxing evening enjoying the company of your friends or family, you can head to Hurghada Marina where a variety of restaurants and coffee shops are at your fingertips. You can enjoy a lovely dinner, or just drinks and Shisha in a cafe while having a nice conversation with your companions.

Egypt best nightlife activities
Hurghada Marina

There are also lots of good shops where you can spend time window shopping or actually buy clothes, gifts or else. You can find many reviews online recommending the best place to spend the evening, choose whatever suits you.

5. Sunset Safari

If you like a little bit of adventure book a sunset safari trip. Explore the desert by quad bike or go on dune buggy trips. Some trips offer a break to have Bedouin tea in a tent, and you can also find camel rides at this stop. See the sunset colouring the horizon connecting the sky with the clear desert sand.

Egypt best nightlife activities
sunset safari trip

Ask your hotel front desk about the best company offering safari trips, or you can search online yourself and choose what suits your budget.

6. Astronomical Nights

For all skygazers out there, prepare to be starstruck. Book an astronomical night tour to spend a magical night, admiring the scene of the twinkling stars in the clear desert sky.

7. Bedouin Dinner

If you are a foodie or not, you will definitely enjoy this one of a kind dinner. Book your spot in a bedouin dinner tour, and indulge your taste buds with the delicious bedouin barbecue.

Egypt best nightlife activities
Bedouin Dinner

Enjoy the smell of the delicious local dishes and the atmosphere in a Bedouin settlement.

Sharm el sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh has a lot of things for you to explore, events to attend and places to go. It’s better to spend the evening exploring the city than going to a club or a bar, go for new activities that you can’t repeat.

8. Naama bay tourist passage

This area is one of the most famous attractions in Sharm el sheikh. The area is loaded with shops, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Egypt best nightlife activities

You will find many options to spend a great evening. Take your time to discover the area, it may take a while, or just ask at your hotel reception about the best places that may suit your needs and budget.

9. SOHO Square

This area located at White Knight Beach at the Savoy Resort is an award-winning entertainment centre. Besides, it’s the place for some of the most popular and luxury hotels in Sharm El Sheikh.

Egypt best nightlife activities
SOHO Square

Shops, restaurants and cafes are scattered all over the area. However, the highlight of the area is the dancing fountain. The water jets bumps the water in rhythm with the music, and the illuminating lights add to the beauty of the scene.

10. The old market

Dive deep into the city, to the old market area. The area is full of shops selling local traditional products including herbs, spices, local costumes and more.

11. 1001 night show

An Arabian night, horse show and belly dancing and more, to provide you with a remarkable unforgettable night.
Many tourism companies offer tours to the “1001 night” show, however, it’s easier and cheaper to use local transportation and go by yourself.

Egypt best nightlife activities
1001 night show

When you travel to Egypt you will be amazed by the number of activities you go do day and night, you will feel like you need years to finish them all. We can’t say that’s not true, which makes setting priorities more important. So, choose wisely.
Although we mentioned a lot of places and activities, the article is not totally comprehensive. As I didn’t mention here some cities like Alexandria, Luxor and Aswan and more, and let’s not forget about many other places in the aforementioned cities. Since I need 100 pages to mention all sites and activities out there.

If you choose to fulfil your dream and go on the trip of your dreams, we recommend that you check these tours: Sound and Light Show at Giza Pyramids, 4-hour Quad Bike Sharm El Sheikh Desert, and Cairo Nile Dinner Cruise.