Best Egypt Ruins

Egypt’s rich when it comes to its history and culture. Scattered through the country is a heap of spectacular ancient ruins, guaranteed to astonish you!

Some of Best Egypt Ruins are located in Cairo, the capital, and in Giza. Others are located in unfamous places and all the way west to Upper Egypt.

When you travel to Egypt you will find many tours to a lot of ruins and attractions. However, some ruins are harder to get to, as they are not as famous as top ones.

Here we will take a tour around Egypt, to discover more about those hidden gems, and at the same time, we will mention some of to ruins back there.

Best Egypt Ruins

The Great Pyramids, Giza

When hearing the word Egypt, the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind is the Great Pyramids of Giza. This amazingly well-preserved site never failed to amaze anyone who ever set their eyes upon it, making it on the top of the most tourists bucket list. Giza is a city near Cairo, the capital, just 7 km (just 4 miles) away.

Best Egypt Ruins

The three pyramids, named, Khufu, Khafra and Menkaure are tombs where kings rest. The staggering architectural composition of these pyramids is one of a kind.

There you can enjoy riding a camel, entering the pyramids or taking a couple of photos to commemorate your trip

Saqqara Pyramids, Giza

Although not as famous as the Great pyramids, the Saqqara pyramids in one of the best ruins in Egypt. As a world heritage site, it’s considered the oldest intact stone building in the world.

Best Egypt Ruins

Serving the same function as the Great Pyramids, their pyramids serve as the final resting place for various kings and nobles.

Dahshur Pyramids, 40kms south Cairo

Dahshur is one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt. This is because it was a trial ground for the ancient Egyptians, who attempted shifting the architecture of their pyramids from being step sided (like Saqqara) to smooth-sided (like Khufu).

Best Egypt Ruins

The Dahshur site included three pyramids. First is the Bent Pyramid, which was the first attempt at building a smooth-sided pyramid. However, it didn’t turn out as expected. Consequently, a second trial was attempted. This time the Red pyramid was successfully built. The Red Pyramid is one of the best-preserved ruins in Egypt. It’s named so due to the material used in its construction; red limestone.

Other majestic pyramids there included the White Pyramid, the Pyramid of Senusret III and the Pyramid of Amennemhat III.
Explore this amazing trial ground, and enjoy watching the unique coloured pyramids.

Abu Rawash

Inspired by the majestic pyramid of his father Khufu, his son, Dejedefre decided to build one for himself. Built on a hillock, archaeologists think it was a huge as his predecessor’s. However, due to climate, it was eventually brought down to its current site.

Still, this site is worth discovering. You can notice the architectural features like the boat pit and the burial pit.


Along the Mediterranean coast of Alexandria lies myriad of Greek and Roman ruins, some of the must-see archaeological marvels during your holiday in Egypt.

Pompey’s Pillar and The Temple of Serapeum

Alexandria’s longest-standing and best-preserved landmark, the Pompey’s Pillar stand on an amazing height of 20.46 metres.
Build out of red Aswan granite, the pillar originally rose through the temple of Serapeum, and was built to commemorate Emperor Diocletian’s victory on revolts.

Best Egypt Ruins

Interestingly, the temple of Serapeum was built for the worship of Serapis, the hybrid Greek and Egyptian god of Alexandria. Unfortunately, it was ruined during the Jewish revolt.

In addition to the pillar, you can find a couple of sphinxes and a nilometer (a structure that used to measure and record the level of the Nile River in ancient times)

Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa

An amazing archaeological site located in Alexandria, it’s considered one of the seven wonders of the middle ages.
The site bears multiple tombs, statues and archaeological objects. The moment you step inside, you’ll be in a state of awe. This magnificent structure is a blend of Egyptian, Greek and Roman influences.

Best Egypt Ruins

The site is made of 3 levels, however, the third level is completely underwater. The first level was built to serve the function of a funeral banquet, where relatives grieved their dead. The second level was where the dead were buried.

Both the Catacombs and the Pompey’s Pillar a close to each other, and tickets to both sites are fairly cheap


Upper Egypt was the centre point where the great Ancient Egyptian civilisation rose. Thus scattered along the Nile are multiple archaeological wonders including temples, famous monuments and more.

In Luxor, known as the world’s biggest open museum, you can find a plethora of wonders of archaeology.

Valley of Kings

One of the most important and staggering Ancient Egyptian landmarks is the Valley of Kings. Housing the tombs of more than 70 Pharos, it holds many wonders to be discovered. It’s worth noting that not all tombs are open at the same time, in order to prevent the deterioration of their conditions and for their upkeep.

Best Egypt Ruins

A world-famous tomb that you’ll find there is the Tutankhamun tomb. The infamous burial spot that kindled the flame of the Mummy’s curse. However, rest assured! The tomb is opened and bustling with tourists marvelling the amazing archaeology before their eyes.

Regardless of the tomb, you’ll visit, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be astonished. The wall is embellished with coloured Pharaonic paintings, thus keep an ear with your guide, who will explain the meanings behind these breathtakingly intricate paintings. A set of stairs will take you downwards underground, where you will see the burial spots of the kings.

Deir el-Medina (Workers’ Village)

All the aforementioned ruins were built for the royalty, ensuring that they’re forever remembered. However, what’s often forgotten are the laborious workers and artists who gave birth to these amazing work of art.

Best Egypt Ruins

Catching a glimpse of their everyday life is possible through Deir El Medina. One of the best-preserved Ancient Egyptian villages, it offers you an idea of what these ordinary people lived their day-to-day life. There you can find modest houses and tombs. Although not as extravagantly decorated as that of their royals, they’re certainly breathtaking in their own sense

The Karnak Temple

Being the largest temple complex ever built, this majestic temple used to serve as the bustling heart of Thebes (Luxor), the capital of Ancient Egypt. Thus it’s no wonder it’s the sheer size and grandiose.

In addition to being a pivotal religious place of worship, it served administrative purposes. Moreover, it was an abode to multiple Pharos.

The temple is a maze of wonders. Marvel the great architecture, in addition to carvings of kings and important events.

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