If you are still wondering where you should spend your vacation. Where you can find a stunning destination to recharge and relax, and at the same time enjoy new daring activities.

If so, then Marsa Alam activities are your way to go.

Marsa Alam is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt, where you and your family can spend a well-deserved vacation. Plan your trip ahead; choose the most suitable time to visit; to enjoy a vacation like never before.

Let’s see how far we can go to Marsa Alam!

Top Marsa Alam Activities

One of the best things you can do in Marsa Alam to escape from everything and relax is to enjoy the beauty of the Red sea. There is more than one option for you to go. Let’s check them.

1. Abu El Dahab Beach

Where the water is shimmering under the sunlight, making the sand sparkle like a thousand tiny jewels. It’s also a perfect spot for beginner divers and snorkelers, who can enjoy diving closely with the distinctive hawksbill turtle, Dolphins, and Dugongs.

Marsa Alam Activities
Abu El Dahab Beach

2. El Luli beach (Hankorab beach)

Marsa Alam Activities
El Luli beach (Hankorab beach)

It’s considered as a paradise on earth, as some call it the Egyptian Maldives. It’s considered a unique destination for turtles lovers, where you can explore this marvelous creature, on top of having a peaceful day surrounded with fascinating landscapes.
Take your swim fins to the magical Hankorab beach, where you can go snorkeling; to observe the vivid coral reefs and glistening scales of rare fish. Don’t miss the mesmerizing spectacle of water in the early morning, that’s when you see the water in almost 9 shades.

3. Al Quseir

If you’re a fan of historical places, make sure to go sightseeing in Al Quseir. Where you can visit The Ottoman Castle, the ancient Roman port of Myos Hormos and experience the essence of the old city.

Try to book your accommodation near Porto Ghaleb; to have a fun yet relaxing day. You can go on a tour from Porto Ghaleb to Hankorab and Kalan beaches, and enjoy the amazing spectacle. You won’t need any filter to capture memorable photos.

Marsa Alam Activities
Al Quseir

4. Wadi El-Gamal National Park

Marsa Alam Activities
Scuba diving or snorkelling

Book a guided

tour to the spectacular Wadi El-Gamal (Valley of the Camels) National Park, where you can reap the benefits of having various activities all in one place. Pick a place and keep your eye on more than 13 rare birds’ species, go diving and catch a glimpse of the extraordinary marine life, which includes some engendered animals such as Dugong. You can also go on hiking or bicycle guided tours.

It’s very recommended to go on one of three tours.

The first tour will take you to Marsa Mubarak and Shoni, starting from Porto Ghalib. There, you will watch inexplicably scene; turtles all around you. If you were lucky enough, you would see the Dugong goes out of its nest to eat. Feast your eyes on the vibrant reefs, colorful snails and different kinds of dazzling fish species.

The second tour will give you the opportunity to swim with Dolphins in Sataya Reef (Dolphin house). It is an exquisite destination where the crystal clear water and the awe-inspiring reefs will astonish you.

In case you enjoyed swimming with Dolphins, you’d probably enjoy swimming with Dugong in Abu Eldahab beach.
Dugong (sea cow) is one of the rare marine mammals, which can be seen on the beach said. It’s very friendly, you can dive close to it.

The third tour will be an excursion to Kalaan beach, where Mangrove trees enclose you; a charming geological wonder.

So far, so good.

However, Marsa Alam is famous for various outdoor activities, which will take your vacation to the next level. You can try different activities, or go on an expedition; make your holiday extraordinary.

5. Water activities

If you’re looking for adventure then you must try Scuba diving or snorkelling, to swim next to Dolphins and witness the greatness of the marine environment and marvelous creatures mentioned above.

Moreover, if you want to explore the marine wildlife in a whole different way, then the submarine is your choice. You can enjoy everything without getting wet.

Marsa Alam Activities
Scuba diving or snorkelling

6. Desert Safari

Go on a quad bike ride and enjoy the beautiful sunset in the middle of the desert.

You can visit a Bedouin village near Port Ghalib; learn about their culture and the rich and colorful traditions.

Marsa Alam Activities
Desert Safari

Nile Cruise from Marsa Alam to Upper Egypt

If you want to go on a trip through history, you can book a Nile cruise tour to Luxor and Aswan. Most of the tours range from 4 days to a whole week, yet it’s a trip worth your time and money.

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