In the middle of the ancient world lays Aswan, the land of Pharaohs and home for “Gharb Sohail” village; the heart of Nuba. You can have a fun yet relaxing experience when you travel away from the bustling Cairo city heading to Aswan. There are a lot of things to do in Aswan, from wandering through attractions in the morning to exploring the city at night.

Aswan’s’ strategic location south of Egypt acts like a tourist magnet, who knew that they can enjoy the best of both worlds. You can start your tour from Luxor “city of hundred gates”; save the best for last.

The city has a rich culture, which you can see on every inch of the land. From the traditional crafts and arts, costumes, jewelry, local events, folklore Shows and way more.

In addition, you can discover a different part of history by visiting Aswan museum, Tombs of the Nobles, Ruins of Abu along with other extraordinary attractions.

Take your time and enjoy the journey.

Top Things to Do in Aswan

If you are into history then you have to start your journey wandering through temples along the Nile river.

1. Abu Simbel temples

Abu Simbel temples come second on the list as the most visited monuments in Egypt. It’s not just a marvelous historical attraction; it’s a demonstration of how modern technology can rescue such a huge ancient landmark. The temple was threatened to be submerged, after the building of the Aswan high dam. The Temples were relocated.

Things to Do in Aswan
Abu Simbel temples

The temples are guarded by four Ramses gigantic statues on the entrance of the main temple, reaching 67 feet high each. Step inside to Hypostyle Hall, and you will be impressed with the drawings of the Battle of Kadesh scenes on the northern wall.

Make sure to check The Sanctuary: House of the Gods.

2. Philae Temple

Things to Do in Aswan
Philae Temple

Take a boat and head to Philae Temple, and make yourself ready to be amazed.

Philae Temple was saved by UNESCO and relocated to Agilika Island after it was deluged during the building of Aswan High Dam.

The temple consists of two main Pylons; one on the temple entranceway leading to the main temple area, and one on the entrance to the inner temple.

After passing the two pylons and the Temple’s Main Courtyard, you will find yourself in the middle of the Vestibule, which is the first room of the inner temple.
Moving further you will find yourself in the middle of “The Sanctuary: House of Isis”, make sure to pay respect to the sanctity of the place.

Sitting to the northwest of the second pylon is the Gateway of Hadrian, which shows stories from the Emperor Hadrian era.

If you thought that’s all to Philae’s’ Temple, you will change your mind once you visit the temple at the evening, to enjoy the breathtaking sound and light show. The show is usually held on Saturday, so check the availability before going.

3. High Dam

After completing your tour in Philae temple, head to the marine and take a ride to the High Dam. make sure to ask about the visit permissions before you start your expedition.

Seek an engineer at the dam; to know more about it and how they generate electricity.

Just a few steps away you can check out the Egyptian Russian Friendship Lotus Flower monument. Don’t miss the panoramic view, which you can view from the observation deck nearby.

Things to Do in Aswan
High Dam

You can book a one day trip, starting off with visiting Philae Temple till reaching the friendship monument and call it a day.

4. Elephantine Island

Things to Do in Aswan
Elephantine Island

With its location opposite to central Aswan and various attractions such as Aswan Museum and the Ruins of Abu; Elephantine Island is considered one of the most famous places in Aswan.

Take your time, to fully explore the island.

In addition, the Nilometer will give you a glimpse of how the ancient Egyptians used to measure the height of the Nile water; to predict floods and dry seasons.

5. Aswan Botanical Gardens

In addition to famous attractions, you may ask yourself, what is Aswan known for?

Aswan is well known for its’ Botanical Gardens, located on Kitchener’s Island on contains plants from India, the Far East and parts of Africa.

You can find many felucca tours to take you there, to feast your eyes on the magnificent plants and colorful birds.

Things to Do in Aswan
Aswan Botanical Gardens

6. Nubian Village

Things to Do in Aswan
Nubian Village

You can’t go to Aswan without visiting the Nubian village “Gharb Sohail”. With its colorful homes and the local’s cheerful faces; “Gharb Sohail” is a must stop.

Hang around to relax and explore the Nubas’ heritage and beauty.

There so much more things to do in Aswan, as we just mentioned some of the most famous attractions and activities out there.

The thing is once you step in Aswan, your heart will fall for it, and you will find yourself wishing that you could stay there for good.

So, make sure to plan your trip ahead, and slow down to explore the city heart to soul.

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