A different new experience may be all you need to clear your mind, and to focus on the more important things in your life. Egypt offers different tourism experiences because everyone has a different need, and they all deserve to be fulfilled. Egypt oasis tours could be the trip you need to try new things and explore a different part of Egypt.

Egyptian oasis is best known as a place for meditation and medication; however, there are other things to do to make your Egypt tour worthwhile. Take a step away of famous tourist attractions like the Giza pyramids, and explore a great collection of forgotten roman, pharaonic and Islamic ruins.

Egypt oasis tours
white desert

Egypt’ the Western Desert stands on a vast area of the Sahara desert, where you can visit four of the main oasis in Egypt linked by the highway stretching from Cairo to Luxor, giving you the opportunity to discover what was lost and found.

Those main oases are Bahariya oasis, Farafra oasis, Dakhla oasis and Kharga Oasis. However, visiting Egypt oasis can’t be complete without visiting Siwa Oasis and Fayoum, which are both located further to the west.

You can book an oasis tour from online; you can find many deals that include safari and sightseeing. These places are primitive to some extent; the hotels there could be humble yet clean.

Top Egypt Oasis tours

Tourism companies offer a wide range of Egypt oasis tours, either private tours, safari tours or others. You can pick from many packages whatever suits your taste and enjoy Egypt trip to the Max.

El Kharga Oasis tour

Located 200 km (125 miles) west of the Nile Valley, El Kharga Oasis is considered the biggest oasis in Egypt.
This oasis has the biggest archaeological remains compared to the rest of the oases. There you can see a large collection of prehistoric artefacts in the Archeological Museum, in addition to pharaonic ruins surrounding the city that includes Temple of Hibis and the Roman fortress of An-Nadura.

Egypt oasis tours
El Kharga Oasis tour

If you like a little bit of adventure, rent a car and head north the main town to Ain Um Dabadib fortress, an incredible castle surrounded by ancient ruins dated to Islamic, Christian, Roman era and before. If you are still interested in the roman ruins, you can visit Qasr Al-Dush near the town of Baris.

Since you are in El Kharga, you don’t want to miss visiting The Necropolis of Bagawat, located 3 km north of the town. The 263 domed chambers used as tombs dating back to the period between the 4th through 6th centuries. In addition, you will find many chapels, with well-preserved Coptic Christian murals. Ask your guide to show you the amazing painting that shows the zodiac surrounding portraits of Mary and Jesus.

Bahariya Oasis

Located 360 east Cairo, the unique Bahariya oasis takes place. You will need more than one day to fully explore and enjoy the place.
To go to Bahariya oasis you have to go with a guide, which most tourism companies who provide these trips offer. In addition, the companies provide an experienced driver, who is familiar with this area. The company will be responsible for your transfer from the hotel to the oasis, and most of them offer lunch upon arrival.

The journey starts early in the morning, after a 4 hour trip to the Bahariya oasis you will be served lunch to have the energy for an amazing round.

Egypt oasis tours
Bahariya Oasis

First, you will visit the black desert and then head to El Haize natural hot spring. The guide will show you the most famous sights there, like the rocky formations in the Agabat Valley and the quartz crystal at Crystal Mountain.

Moreover, you can’t go to Bahariya oasis and miss the famous White Desert National Park. When you arrive, you will feel the magic of the desert, with the giant mushrooms shaped beautiful wind-carved rock formations, a scene you won’t see anywhere else.
Some companies offer camping in the white desert experience. Spending the night under the stars, surrounded by an amazing panoramic landscape.

If you don’t like to camp, you can spend the night in the nearest hotel at Al Bawiti town, to get ready for another exciting day.
The next day you can visit the golden mummies museum burial site, nobles tombs and the Tomb of Bannantiu. If you like, you can climb the sand dunes for an exciting experience.

Siwa oasis

Siwa oasis may be the most famous oasis in Egypt, for both Egyptians and tourists. It is located in the western desert between the Great Sand Sea and Qattara Depression, almost 560 km from Cairo and 600 km from Alexandria.
It’s best visited from October to April with warm sunny days and cool nights.

Most companies offer a 4 days package, as exploring and enjoying various activities in this oasis may take some time.
Start by visiting Dakrour Mountain, where east and west Siwa come to celebrate the end of decades of tribal conflicts from 14 to 16 October.

Egypt oasis tours
Siwa oasis

Some go to Cleopatra’s bath (Ein Juba) to swim in the water of the well, but it’s not recommended especially during high season, as the water becomes smelly from overcrowding.
Sit by Fatnas Lake and enjoy the sunset, while drinking delicious Siwan tea.

Amoun Temple, which is called Alexander’s oracle temple, was said to be the place where Alexander received his oracle in 331 BC.
However, by far the best thing to do in Siwa is the desert Safari. After having breakfast. A land cruiser deep in the desert will take you. Most drivers will try to scare you by going up and down the sand dunes fast and recklessly, don’t get intimidated as they know what they are used to that.

Your first stop will be at the breathtakingly cold water spring, it’s natural beauty is fascinating. Next stop will be at the hot water spring, where you can change and go into the water.
Some companies offer Safari with the option to camp overnight in tents, to enjoy stargazing after gathering around the campfire.
The locals are peaceful individuals, and somewhat friendly. You can buy handmade souvenirs and various quality local products such as olives, dates and olive oil.

That’s not all for Egypt oasis tours, but those are the most famous and most exciting. Choose what suits your schedule, not to miss visiting more places in Egypt.

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