Tired of planning your dream vacation to Egypt, and you can’t figure out exactly where to go or how to travel throw out the country without wasting your time or money.
Planning your best Egypt itinerary could be exhausting, especially if you are visiting a certain place for the first time. It will be difficult to estimate distances between places you want to visit and the time needed to reach this place using different transportation methods. Also, deciding the best way of transportation is a whole nother story.
Don’t worry, I am here for you.
In this article I will walk you through the country, to try to plan the best Egypt itinerary to have the best experience ever.
If you are still asking yourself, what can you see in Egypt in 7 days? Just complete reading.

Best Egypt itinerary

Starting off, you have to know where you are going to start your trip. Egypt is a big country, you will find more than 5 airports in different places, so you have which airport you are arriving to.

best Egypt itinerary
Sharm El Sheikh tour

If you are a budget traveller it’s better to choose to arrive in Sharm el sheikh airport, as there are charter flights landing at the airport almost daily. Charter flight are known to be less expensive than regular ones. Plus, starting your trip from Sharm El Sheikh is a great option if you want to enjoy the sunny beaches and relax for a couple of days.
So, that’s where we are going to start.

Sharm El Sheikh tour

You don’t have to book a private tour or guide in Sharm El Sheikh, as most hotels have a private beach area, and if not, you will find many public beaches to enjoy your time in.
However, if you want to go snorkelling or diving, which you should, you can book a day tour with one of the many tourism companies available in your area.

best Egypt itinerary
Sharm El Sheikh tour

The day of the tour you will be escorted to the boat which will take you on some amazing diving and snorkelling sites such as Ras Mohamed. Usually, there is a diving guide on those tours, to give tips and hints on how to dive as a beginner, then he dives with you to assure your safety.
Sharm El Sheikh has a lot of things to do. However, if you are on a time crunch and want to explore the rest of the country in less than 10 days, then it’s time to go.

Hurghada tour

Same like Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada is famous for its marvellous landscape and worldwide famous diving sites.
You can choose to spend a day or two there, or just head directly to Upper Egypt, to start an adventure at the heart of ancient history.

Luxor and Aswan tour

Many tourists choose to spend a week or so on top of a Nile cruise, to fully enjoy the ancient Egyptian history between the two cities in a comfortable way.
However, since we are on a time crunch, here are a couple of tips you can use:
Try to get a good night’s sleep before starting your tour in Luxor and Aswan.
Try to wear a comfortable shoe (you will know why)
Start your day early so you can visit as many destinations as possible.
Ask at your hotel lobby if they can recommend a private guide for your group or provide you with any extra advice to check as many attractions as possible. If you are on a guided tour you probably don’t need this tip.
Stay dehydrated, the temperature is usually high in upper Egypt
Now, you can start exploring some of the most famous ancient sites known in pharaonic history.
The highlights of Upper Egypt tourism map includes:

best Egypt itinerary
The Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings
Karnak temple
Luxor temple
Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple – Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

best Egypt itinerary
Philae Temple

Abu Simbel temples
Philae Temple
Elephantine Island

For more information about those locations, you can check my previous articles.

Cairo and Giza Tour

The tour you probably have been waiting for, to marvel at the beauty of one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, The Giza Pyramids.
After spending 2-3 days in Luxor and Aswan, go north to the Capital, Cairo.
This is the ultimate destinations for many tourists travelling to Egypt. Many spend their holiday in Cairo to visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx, to learn more about the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, and to see the mysterious site that the world is talking about.
Needless to say, stay away from any hucksters, to avoid finding yourself paying a fortune for some cheap souvenirs.

best Egypt itinerary
the Egyptian Museum

Don’t miss visiting the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where thousands of ancient items and treasures are on display including the mummy of the famous “Tutankhamun” still well preserved.

Alexandria tour

If you have a day left, jump to Alexandria to see Bibliotheca Alexandrina, which was built to rekindle the lost Alexandria library built by Alexander the Great.

best Egypt itinerary
Alexandria library

This was just a small sample for what a quick visit to Egypt may look like.
There are many different itineraries you could follow, many places to visit and many adventures to make.
Besides the great view along the Nile River, you will find many popular historic sites that may catch your interest.
On top of all that, we have to mention that Egypt has a rich culture, friendly people and delicious food. You won’t get bored even if you stayed for months.