Supernatural and ravishing are the first two things that come to mind when we mention Hurghada. It’s the perfect destination for people who are thirsty for adventure, and at the same time want to a relaxing beach vacation. It’s the top choice for family, friends away from the hurly-burly city life; or honeymooners who want to spend their special time in an alluring place.

What makes Hurghada city one of the most splendid destinations is that you can find various activities besides some of the most awe-inspiring places. Whatever you think of, definitely you will find it there.


Book a flight to Egypt, start an amazing vacation you would wish to repeat it over and over again.

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Don’t rush, read the reviews carefully, to get an idea about the best resorts and hotels in Hurghada, and to compare price point and facilities. You can find luxury hotels like Hurghada Marriott beach resort, or you can book in a hostel if you are on a budget. Either way, you will have a journey of a lifetime.

Also, don’t forget to search for internal tours, which would save you some time when you arrive.

Best time to visit Hurghada

Hurghada is known for its subtropical desert climate; hot dry summer days with cooler nights, in contrast to the mild dry winter months.

Best time to travel to Hurghada would be from November to mid-April. Where the weather is moderate, giving you plenty of time to try various activities.

Where can I go in Hurghada

Start off by wandering around Hurghada Marina, you can find luxurious restaurants and cosy cafes, overlooking the sea and the fancy yachts. If you are a foodie, you’ll definitely enjoy this place.

If you like thrilling activities then you have to try “Rocket bungee”, it’s the ultimate adrenaline experience. You have to have a head for heights, as you will get thrown up 55 meters in the air.

Whether you have kids or not, you will enjoy Hurghada Grand Aquarium. Explore all the wonderful and rare creatures of the red sea through the glass.

The hosts in the aquarium emphasise the importance of maintaining our marine environment safe. It’s also a very nice spot where you can take a bunch of photos with sharks and the mesmerizing coloured fish.

Go into the deep blue, book a tour in Sindbad Submarine. Where you can pass by the coral reefs, various types of glamorous fish, and the enchanting view of wild marine creatures without getting wet.

Desert Safari Hurghada, where you never run out of activities. You can go on Sunset Quad Tour Along the Sea and Mountains, explore more about Hurghada’s best spots and enjoy jumping on the sand dunes. Don’t forget to bring a scarf and sunglasses to cover your nose and eyes.

Jeep Safari

Explore Hurghada on horseback, take a ride along the Red seashore with your horse and feast your eyes on the picturesque scene. You can also explore the Hurghada desert more, and feel the Arabia life and their colourful traditions by riding on the back of a camel or a horse and taking a tour.

Discover the Sahara in a completely different way, book a Jeep Safari, where you enjoy going through sand dunes.

Sahl Hasheesh bay

Sahl Hasheesh bay

It’s located almost 18Km south of Hurghada International Airport. There, you can experience the thrilling activities such as snorkelling, and scuba diving. It’s known to be the “The City of Wealthy People”, as it has all means of comfort. It has more than 14 villages and hotels. If you are a golf lover then you might like going there.

Hurghada activities don’t end here, you can find way more activates like fishing, or you can spend the night part in one of the numerous clubs out there. It’s your call.

If you choose to fulfil your dream and go on the trip of your dreams, we recommend that you check these tours: 5-Hour Sunset Safari Hurghada, Scuba Diving Holidays in Hurghada, and Snorkeling Tour From Luxor to Hurghada.