Best time to visit Egypt – Temperature, and weather in Egypt

Egypt is a wonderfully diverse country. Whether it’s ancient history, it’s a rich culture, or it’s mouthwatering food, it ticks every box. However, something that makes it stand out is its one-of-a-kind weather. Truly, you can experience the four seasons in a single visit! As temperature and weather forecast in Egypt can go from rainy and warm, to the complete opposite if you head to another place, depending on the season.

Best time to visit Egypt
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How’s that possible? you may ask. Egypt is divided into multiple climate regions. First, we head south to Upper Egypt, including Luxor and Aswan. These cities are blessed with sun all year round. Although clement in winter, the sun is blazingly hot in summer. Thus, it’s advised to visit Upper Egypt during the colder months from November to march, where weather averages reach a high of 30 degrees Celsius during the daytime and drop during the night. Otherwise, it can reach as high as 45 degrees in the summer, cooling down to 28 degrees during the night; however, you will enjoy the low humidity degrees. There, you can marvel at the astonishing ancient Egypt monuments.

Start by sightseeing during the day. Enjoy the beautiful engravings of the ancient temples, and listen intently to the astounding history of the great civilizations that left this glorious treasure behind. During the cool nights, take a stroll down the Corniche—the sidewalk—where you can admire the shinning lights reflected on the Nile River. Take a Hantour (carriage) and discover the city. You can also take a Felucca (small boat), enjoy the local music, breath in the fresh air, and dangle your fingers through the refreshing Nile water.

Alternatively, you can enjoy your night the Nubian way, where all your senses will be stimulated. From the striking blue Nubian houses, the strong smell of herbs and the melodious songs narrating the folktales of the city, your senses will be overwhelmed!

History is not for you? Are you more of a city person? Worry more; Cairo is your perfect fit. With towering skyscrapers and the glimmering Nile River, you can enjoy a temperate day exploring the city. With an average temperature of 25 degrees during January rising to 35 Celsius during the months of June and July.

Best time to visit Egypt

For winter visitors, it’s advisable to bring an umbrella, although Cairo doesn’t get much rain, when it does, it pours down non stop! For the summertime visitors, wearing sunscreen and a hat is essential. Although basking in the beautiful sunshine sounds amazing, a sunstroke doesn’t! When the sun is out, bask in the brilliant sun while you admire the mosques and citadels of the Arab and Ottoman civilizations. Thirsty? Quench your thirst in between sightings with the refreshing sugarcane juice for as much as EGP 2! Admire the dusk, with the sun gradually disappearing behind the Nile, and the sky brilliantly coloured by the orange hues.

The bustling nightlife waits after the sun goes down! Enjoy the myriad of bars, clubs, and restaurants that waits for you to explore. The nightlife in Cairo is diverse, catering to every taste!

For the sea lovers, you are spoilt with choice! Egypt is blessed with two coastlines, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Stretching to form the upper border of Egypt, the shining azure sea hosts beautiful coastal cities as Alexandria, Port Said, and Marsa Matruh.

Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria might as well be a part of Greece! Temperatures range wit a high of 20 degrees and a low of 10 during winter, and high of 30 and a low of 25 during the summer. Alexandria is perfect for both history and sea lovers, killing two birds with one stone! There, you can explore the beauty of the Ancient Egyptian and the Greek cultures melted together. Explore ancient Pharaonic monuments as the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa and marvellous Greek monuments as Pompey’s Pillar. Tired from exploring? You can unwind and relax on the sandy beaches.

For a more unspoiled beauty, the North Coast is waiting for you to explore! Hotels, resorts, and spas stretched along the recently discovered coast. If you want to get more in touch with the locals, Marsa Matruh is your friend. The days are warm during the summer, with a high of 28 degrees and a low of 19 degrees during its hay season in June and July.

Best time to visit Egypt

During the winter, heavy rainfalls are seen along the Mediterranean coast. In that case, the Red Sea is exactly what the doctor ordered!

Sunny throughout the whole year, this coastline is tropical heaven! Touristic cities as Hurghada and Sharm Elsheikh welcome you with their hands wide open. Average temperatures are 20-35 degrees throughout the whole year! The brilliant sun shining in the cloudless blue sky, and these cities are bustling with activities for you to enjoy.

Grab your goggles and discover the magic beneath the water, with the colourful reefs and the interesting sea creatures. You can either go solo or join one of the thousands of snorkelling trips arranged by both hotels and companies. Myriad of activities are there to explore! Parasail and touch the sky. Unwind and swim in the lovely waters. Go on a desert safari and get adventurous. Or simply enough, sunbath and get tanned!

Wherever you’re planning to visit, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life! With a temperate temperature all year round, Egypt is just waiting for you to enjoy.

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